Dietary Services

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Our dietary department is under the direction our Registered Dieticians, Janis Baraoidan or Natalie Price. They perform a complete evaluation of the nutritional needs of each resident. This evaluation assists the attending phyisican in determining the correct diet for the facility to provide.

Our dietary department staff consists of cooks, prep cooks, and dietary aides. Each day our dietary staff strives to serve our residents a delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner from our menus, which are approved by our Registered Dieticians. Recognizing that these menus are developed in coordination with the American Dietetic Association dietary guidelines for caloric and nutrition needs, they do lack the empty calorie snacks that our society generally consumes. The menus offer variety on a daily basis.

In addion to our service of three meals a day we also offer in-between snacks at 10am, 2pm, and 8pm. These snacks are sometimes prescribed by the resident’s attending physician or are provided based on the specific needs or request of a resident.

For infection control reasons, families and residents are not allowed in our dietary department. Should anything be needed from the dietary department, or if there is a need to speak with the Dietary Service Supervisor, please notify a licensed nurse.

We encourage bringing in a favorite dish for a loved one, but we ask that you check with the licensed nurse on duty so we can be sure the dish is not in conflict with the resident’s prescribed diet. We also request that no perishable foods be kept in a resident’s room. If a resident would like to keep a few snacks at bedside we ask that they be sealed in an air-tight container, which can be opened and closed by the resident.