Housekeeping, Laundry & Maintenance Services


Byron Thrasher, Maintenance Supervisor, has been with our company for over 10 years and with Mesa Glen Care Center for the past 7 years. Byron is a jack of all trades. He helps our residents with their remote controls, televisions, cable TV set-up, wheelchairs, walkers, beds, and much more. In addition to addressing all of the individual resident equipment, Byron also ensures that our air conditioners, water heaters, dietary equipment, emergency generator, and other various equipment remains in good working condition. Byron is instrumental in assisting with Fire and Disaster drills and is on call 24 hours a day to help the facility should any type of emergency arise. Aside from his many duties, he is very helpful to all staff and residents alike and always has a smile on his face. Byron is also our master griller during our BBQ’s and makes the the best hamburgers and hot dogs.


Ramon Hernandez, Housekeeping Supervisor, has been with our facility for over 8 years supervising our housekeeping and laundry departments. As in any home, cleanliness is a never-ending concern. Our housekeepers’ duties include daily cleaning of the residents’ rooms and bathrooms as well as all common areas at least once per day. They are responsible for deep cleaning all resident rooms as needed.

To aid in our housekeepers’ efforts, we ask that you not leave uncovered food at the resident’s bedside, and should you bring in snacks please provide a sealed container that the resident can easily open and close for the resident’s use in storing those snacks.

Our laundry staff is on duty from 5:00am to 11:00pm, seven days a week. Personal laundry is picked up daily and is returned to the resident on Mondays through Fridays. Family members are welcome to do their loved one’s personal laundry. The family must be willing to pick up the soiled laundry at least twice a week to assist with odor control and provide a covered laundry hamper for the resident’s room. We ask that all clothing be marked with the resident’s last name and first initial in a conspicuous location such as inside the collar of a shirt or inside the waste band of their pants. In an effort to safeguard our residents’ belongings, please inform our Social Service Designee of any clothing being brought in to or taken out of the facility as this information will be reflected on the resident’s clothing list.