Our Team

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Chris Turney
Executive Director
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Dr. Daljinder Takhar, D.O.
Medical Director

Dr. Daljinder Takhar received his medical degree from the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific and has been in practice for over a decade. Dr. Takhar specializes in Family Medicine, and is dedicated to the care of our residents.

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Claudia Salazar
Director of Nursing

Claudia is a Registered Nurse and is our Director of Nursing. She enjoys teaching our licensed nurses, and is anxious to see them thrive. She knows her success is only as good as the accomplishments of her staff. Ms Salazar is not a DON that sits in her office all day; she enjoys meeting our patients and checking in on them daily. She makes frequent rounds with her staff, ensuring that they have the needed skills and tools to care for our residents. Her hobbies include taking care of her family, exercising, and walking the dog.

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Maria Orizaba
Social Services Director

"Mary" joined our facility in May 2016. The main goal of our Social Services Director is to meet with each resident and their family (or responsible party) to obtain background information on the psychosocial well-being of the resident. This can be anything from helping a resident deal with the recent loss of a family member, helping a resident adjust to a change of functional status from a recent illness, or helping a resident receive necessary care when they are unable to voice their own needs. Mary does this well, and is eager to help each resident and family at Mesa Glen Care Center.

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Robbyn Mitchell LVN
MDS Coordinator

Robbyn assists with the development of each resident's individual care plan, in conjunction with our licensed nursing staff, our Certified Nursing Assistants, activity staff, and dietary staff. She quickly learns the habits, concerns, deficits, and strengths of each resident. Robbyn has worked as an MDS Coordinator ever since the implementation of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) in the Long Term Care setting. She is dedicated, hard working, and committed to providing excellent care to all residents.

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Lupe Salazar LVN
Director of Staff Development

Ms Salazar has over ten years of experience in the skilled nursing home setting. She enjoys teaching our licensed and certified staff. She helps out wherever she is needed, and quality patient care is her top priority. She works closely with our Director of Nursing and our Executive Director in addressing and identifying concerns, and providing excellent follow through, to ensure that the training provided to our staff is effective in meeting the needs of our residents and staff. Her goal is to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our staff and residents.

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Connie Hernandez
Business Office Manager

Connie has been with our company for twenty years. She worked at our sister facility "Rancho Mesa Care Center" for 18 years, as the Business Office Manager. She then worked at our corporate office for two years, assisting with billing. Mesa Glen is fortunate to have Connie with us, with all of her experience. Connie has always enjoyed assisting families and residents with any and all financial questions, and she enjoys close relationships with several of them.

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Anjani Donadi
Licensed Occupational Therapist

Gateways Rehabilitation provides our home with licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists, as well as Speech and Language Pathologists. Ms. Donadi directs the rehabilitation team in conjunction with our MD's and nursing staff. The rehab team is instrumental in providing the needed rehabilitative services to our residents, and also works closely with our staff, to ensure that are using proper techniques to meet the needs of each resident.

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Chrystal Butterfield
Health Information Director

Chrystal brings 16 years of medical records experience to Mesa Glen Care Center. This is fantastic! She is dedicated to serving our residents and their families. She offers excellent support to our nursing department, and keeps our records in compliance, as required by law. Chrystal has a "can-do" attitude and is passionate about providing quality resident care in our home.

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Janice Baraoidan
Registered Dietitian

Our dietary department is under the direction of two Registered Dietitians. Janis Baraoidan is part of this team. She performs a complete evaluation of the nutritional needs of each resident. This evaluation assists the attending physician in determining the correct diet for the facility to provide.

Our dietary department staff consists of cooks, prep cooks, and dietary aides. Each day our dietary staff strives to serve our residents a delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner from our menus, which are approved by our Registered Dietitians. Recognizing that these menus are developed in coordination with the American Dietetic Association dietary guidelines for caloric and nutrition needs, they do lack the empty calorie snacks that our society generally consumes. The menus offer variety on a daily basis.

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Natalie Price
Registered Dietitian

Our second Registered Dietitian is Natalie Price. She performs a complete evaluation of the nutritional needs of each resident. This evaluation assists the attending physician in determining the correct diet for the facility to provide.

In addition to our service of three meals a day, we also offer in-between snacks at 10am, 2pm, and 8pm. These snacks are sometimes prescribed by the resident's attending physician or are provided based on the specific needs or requests of a resident.

For infection control reasons, families and residents are not allowed in our dietary department. Should anything be needed from the dietary department, or if there is a need to speak with the Dietary Service Supervisor, please notify a licensed nurse.

We encourage bringing in a favorite dish for a loved one, but we ask that you check with the licensed nurse on duty so we can be sure the dish is not in conflict with the resident's prescribed diet. We also request that no perishable foods be kept in a resident's room. If a resident would like to keep a few snacks at bedside we ask that they be sealed in an air-tight container, which can be opened and closed by the resident.

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Byron Thrasher
Maintenance Supervisor

Byron has been with our company for over 10 years. Byron is a jack of all trades. He helps our residents with their remote controls, televisions, cable TV set-up, wheelchairs, walkers, beds, and much more. In addition to addressing all of the individual resident equipment, Byron also ensures that our air conditioners, water heaters, dietary equipment, emergency generator, and other various equipment remains in good working condition. Byron is instrumental in assisting with Fire and Disaster drills and is on call 24 hours a day to help the facility should any type of emergency arise. Aside from his many duties, he is very helpful to all staff and residents alike and always has a smile on his face. Byron is also our master griller during our BBQ's and makes the the best hamburgers and hot dogs.