Social Services


Courtney Greenberg, Social Services Designee, joined our facility in September 2013. She was transferred from one of our sister facilities and she has been a welcomed addition. Courtney is usually the first person prospective residents or their families meet. She assists new residents through the admission process, providing an overview of the services offered as well as a warm welcome.

The main purpose of our Social Service Designee is to meet with the resident and their family or responsible party to obtain background information on the psychosocial well-being of the resident. This could be anything from helping a resident deal with the recent loss of a family member, helping a resident adjust to a change in functional status from a recent illness, or helping a resident receive necessary care when they are unable to voice their own needs due to confusion.

From this information, our Social Service Designee works with our other team members to develop a plan of care which identifies problems or concerns, goals to meet the resident’s needs, and how we will go about meeting that goal. Because Courtney has been with our company for such a long time, she knows our community well and is familiar with the services that are available in-house as well as in our community to help our residents meet their goals.

In addition, Courtney routinely assists with the following:

  • Assisting with setting medical appointments outside the facility
  • Assisting with transportation for appointments
  • Assisting with personal shopping
  • Addressing resident’s personal concerns such as conflicts with roommates
  • Investigating and locating any lost or missing items
  • Setting up audiology, optometry and dental appointments ordered by the resident’s attending physician
  • Setting up appointments with our in-house beautician, who visits weekly
  • Discharge planning